Dust Control Mats

Monday, June 11th, 2018

Dust Control Mats

Why not purchase?

Purchasing dust control mats makes complete sense when compared to paying for rental mats. Relatively speaking, purchasing a few dust control mats is a small ,if insignificant purchase, however if you are renting 35 mats per week every week it all adds up.

The thing is you can get better quality mats by buying as opposed to renting and make significant cost savings. Here at Footfall we have a range of high performance mats so good and innovative in design that you will wonder why you were renting mats in the first place!

Call us today and we promise to exceed your expectations with quality and price.

TEL: 01 8035000 / 091 792500 / 021 4299500 | EMAIL: info@footfall.ie


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