Anti Fatigue Matting

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Anti-fatigue matting alleviates foot pressure and stimulates blood circulation to help reduce stress on the lower back, legs and major muscles. Anti-fatigue matting is ideal for factories, manufacturing, food service and food preparation – any application that requires workers to stand for prolonged periods.
Anti-fatigue mats are also slip-resistant, oil resistant and wear resistant, providing greater safety and durability. They can also provide comfort and relief from cold/damp floor conditions, and suitable for a variety of applications.

We are a distributor of: Notrax, Wearwell, Ergomat, Milliken and Mountville.

Choose from a comprehensive range of anti-fatigue matting products…

5 Wet area anti-fatigue matting – wet area anti-fatigue rubber mats designed for wet environments to remove fluids away from work areas and provide ergonomic support and traction. Large drainage holes provide aeration and allow fluids or debris to fall though, leaving the surface clear. Read more…

6 Dry area anti-fatigue matting – high quality anti-fatigue matting for heavy duty work environments. Anti-slip structure, with maximum anti-fatigue comfort, for dry industrial environments. Read more…

7 Oily/greasy area anti-fatigue matting –high quality anti-fatigue matting for use in areas where there can be frequent oil spilling. Drainage holes and raised studs allow fluids to fall tough, leaving a dry and tidy top surface.  Read more…  003
8 Cleanroom anti-fatigue matting – contamination control is essential in areas where environmental cleanliness or sterility is a key concern. Our anti-fatigue matting cleans easily and bounce-back rebound technology provides long term standing relief across laboratories, pharmacies and medical environments where contamination control is crucial. Read more… 20
9 Food service/retail anti-fatigue matting – these mats are designed to meet individual food industry requirements.  Ergonomic benefit and a resilient nitrile rubber compound that is resistant to vegetable oils and greases. Read more…  005
11 ESD anti-fatigue matting –conductive and static dissipative mats designed to eliminate static shock. Ergonomic benefit coupled with fatigue relief. Anti-slip surface for sure footing. Read more…  006
12 Welding/swarf anti-fatigue matting – Welding mats are an important safety addition to any work area where welding, metal cutting, brazing or grinding is performed. Without a welding mat in the working area, hot sparks can burn holes in floor surfaces or ignite a fire. Anti-fatigue welding mats designed to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. Read more…  007
13 Switchboard anti-fatigue matting – non-conductive switchboard mats are designed to provide insulation for the worker. Made from a PVC compound, the mat prevents the worker from being grounded, thereby eliminating the possibility of electrical shock.  Read more…  008
14 Lab/pharmacy anti-fatigue matting it’s smooth surface cleans easily and bounce-back rebound technology provides long term standing relief across laboratories, pharmacies and medical environments where contamination control is crucial. Read more… 009
15 Agriculture anti-fatigue matting – the mats are designed to be heavy duty, high density mats to cope with all sizes of animals from young stock to fully grown. The mats provide a safe surface for animals in pens. Ideal for use in dry stock pens, cow cubicles and milking parlours. Read more…  0010
16 Surgical anti-fatigue matting – are scientifically engineered with patented gel technology to provide lasting relief from hard flooring and comfort to doctors, surgeons, nurses and technicians. Read more…  0011
17 Sit-Stand desk workstation anti-fatigue mattingstanding desks should encourage you to stand up and move around while you work. An ergonomic, standing desk anti-fatigue mat is designed to provide comfort and relief when standing. Read more…  0012

Industries requiring Anti-fatigue:

  • 200Agriculture
  • Food processing
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Machining
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Education
  • Transport

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