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Footfall Polymeric Matting


20Footfall Supply and Install Contaminantion Control Matting for Cleanroom Environments

Contamination on feet and wheels contribute over 80% of the particulate carried into a controlled environment (3M Study). Placing a mat outside the entry will eliminate up to 100% of this contamination threat before it ever gets into the cleanroom. This allows laminar flow and filters to work more efficiently.

Polymeric matting is designed to attract, collect and retain contamination, preventing particles and microbes from getting into your critical areas.

Permanently installed, it is the most effective way of controlling all forms of foot borne and wheel borne contamination.

  • Ideal for use in air showers, gowning rooms, cleanroom hallways, entry ways and exits, aseptic compounding suites or anywhere there is a particulate, static or bacterial threat to your product or environment
  • Available in a 2 meter wide roll and therefore a mat can be installed to any size. Industry standards recommend that a mat should allow for 3 steps from each foot or 3 wheel rotations for complete decontamination
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and an average 5 year life once maintained properly
  • Eliminates disposal costs associated with peel off mats
  • Maintenance is within the current cleaning schedule
  • Footfall supply and install polymeric matting nationwide and is available ex stock
  • Out of hour installation available

Polymeric contamination control matting is widely used in the following industries: Cleanroom, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Hospital, Medical Device, Data Centre, Optical, Automotive, Food Hygiene, Biomedical.

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Footfall Supply and Install TechTrak Contaminant Control Flooring. We also offer an out of hour installation service. 




Adhesive Entrance Tacky Mats


3M™ Nomad™ Ultra Clean Matting 4300 is a multi-layered disposable contamination control mat, It provides particulate capture at floor level. It consists of 40 sheets coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive. It is designed to protect clean areas where cleanliness and hygiene are critical factors.

The high tack surface of the product removes dust and small particles from shoe soles and trolley wheels, so that they cannot be tracked further. When the top layer is contaminated, it is then simply peeled off to expose the next fresh adhesive layer ready for immediate use. The mat can be laid directly onto any clean floor surface and being low profile it does not need any edging or frame.

Locations include: 

Typical application areas include:

  • Adjacent to gowning/robing areas
  • At access points to controlled environments
  • Computer industry/Semi-conductor and electronics industries
  • Nuclear industry
  • Hospitals and laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Vehicle paint shops
  • Nomad™ Contamination Control

Mat Specifications:

  • 40 easily peeled off layers
  • Low profile
  • Allows easy movement of trolleys
  • Lays flat
  • No trip hazard
  • Easy to install
  • No holding frame required
  • High tack adhesive
  • Very good removal and retention of contaminants
  • Anti-microbial additive
  • Stops the growth of micro-organisms
  • Numbered sheets
  • Provides control and assists quality assurance audits
  • Easy disposal
  • Can be incinerated
  • PVC backing sheet
  • Prevents adhesive transfer onto the floor


Cleanroom Antifatigue Mats

Footfall Ergomat Infinity

(Bubble & Smooth)

Cleanroom application: ISO Class 5 (100)
Size available: 91cm X 60cm and Custom
Thickness 11mm
Colours available: Black, silver, white, blue, yellow and red

 6 Years