INTRAsystems Entrance Matting


INTRAmatting systems high performance entrance matting is a unique range of products that combine up-to-date designs and aesthetics with the ability to suit the most demanding environments. The products have been designed by industry specialists with an intimate knowledge of the marketplace and provide optimum performance, every time.

intraform1 A heavy Duty 17mm aluminum plank system, offering excellent performance and longevity in high traffic areas and versatile installation to all entrance designs.  Read more…  intra form11
intraform LP This Low Profile version is a heavy Duty 12mm aluminium plank system with double width-inserts sections. It is excellent for all areas with restricted mat well recesses or surface mounted applications. Read more… Intra ofrm 22
INtra Link A heavy Duty 16mm interlocking tile system, offering exceptional durability. It is flexible, robust, effective and competitive – combining all the key features of a successful Entrance Matting system at affordable pricing and with stylish aesthetics. Read more… intralink33
INtra Link LP This Low Profile version is a heavy Duty 12mm interlocking system, suitable for shallow recessed areas and for surface mounting. A versatile system that offers exceptional durability and ensures effective performance in high traffic areas. Read more… intralink lp 44
intra dm  INTRAform DM. Heavy Duty Aluminium Entrance Matting with extra width fibre inserts for optimum moisture absorption in high traffic areas. Interlocking sections for ease of installation and seamless design. Read more… DM1 (1)
lp INTRAform DM Low Profile. Heavy Duty Aluminium Entrance Matting that combines the performance advantages of extra width fibre with the low profile design for versatile installation. Read more… lp1


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