Entrance Matting BS7953

BS7953 Entrance Matting is designed for buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people.

“the ingress of soil and surface moisture to buildings…should be reduced to the lowest practicable levels, e.g. through the use of appropriate entrance flooring systems (BS 7953)”

Entrance matting is of course essential in all buildings used by the public to scrape debris, brush, clean and absorb moisture carried into buildings on soles of shoes and wheelchair wheels.

01Entrance matting is also a key safety factor in minimizing slips further into the building, for protecting interior floor coverings throughout the building and complying with regulations.

For example, to comply with the Standard BS 7953 a minimum length for an entrance mat should be 2.1 metres in the direction of traffic with an optimum of 6 metres.

The entrance to the building is also where first impressions of a business or organisation is created, and an entrance mat can form part of this image statement.  With Footfall’s range of entrance matting, there is full potential to make a great design statement as well as comply with BS8300 and BS7953.

Footfall’s versatile range, such as our high-end 3M, Gradus, or Milliken Obex is shaped to bespoke designs in a wide range of colours – and will help you stand out from the crowd and improve your environmental safety management.

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