Lift Flooring

studded rubber tiles suitable for lifts and elevatorsFootfall supply lift flooring. The studded durable rubber flooring is ideal for lifts and walking areas. It is designed to protect floor surfaces and be anti-slip.

It is ideal for insulation against a concrete floor and is suitable for industrial, commercial and leisure applications.

For further information or to order samples, please email Footfall, or contact our sales team on 01 803 5000.


Interlocking studded rubber tilesFootfall offer a versatile and competitive flooring solution, Interlocking Studded Rubber. This flooring product is manufactured from 100% recyclable material. The interlocking modular design allows for the product to cover existing floors with a seamless finish.

As a result of the clever design of these interlocking tiles, adhesive is not necessary when installing this durable flooring solution.

Studded Rubber flooring from Footfall is the ideal solution for any location where a tough flooring solution is required. Some examples of places where Interlocking Studded Rubber tiles work great are: Loading bays, Commercial garages, Showrooms, Laboratories, Control rooms & server rooms, Schools, Exhibitions, and Factory floors.

This is a great alternative to resin and painted floors and the tiles are fun to lay in small areas by DIY enthusiasts. Feel free to change alter the colour of your floor as your mood or taste dictates!

The Interlocking Studded Rubber product is available from Footfall in a number of different colours.

For further information on interlocking studded rubber tiles, or to place an order, please contact the Footfall sales team at 01 8035000 or