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Milliken entrance matting is a high performance modular matting tile with a textile insert, which can be surface mounted or fitted into a matwell. Milliken OBEX® Grid is designed to provide a protective barrier against the outside elements whilst still conveying a positive first impression. Footfall is a Milliken distributor and we are also certified installers for Milliken OBEX mats.

Milliken’s brand new OBEX Grid range aims to provide an entrance flooring solution that is functional, without compromising style and which can provide that first line of defence against the elements that a building needs. While a lot of time and effort is spent deciding on the interior décor and flooring of a building, the entrance is often overlooked and neglected. At Footfall, we know that first impressions are vital; especially when it comes to your business and there is nothing more damaging to this first impression than a dirty and slippery floor.

Designed expertly as a three-zone barrier system, OBEX Grid provides lasting protection. Available in both open & closed constructions, OBEX Grid efficiently captures dirt & moisture from foot & rolled traffic entering the building. The system offers entrance matting solutions that can be recessed or surface mounted as well as exterior and interior applications. Available in colours and patterns selected to coordinate with Milliken carpet collections, OBEX Grid is simple and easy to work with. OBEX Grid is constructed with durable, easy-to-clean vinyl combined with OBEX materiel inserts. OBEX Grid comes with a 5-year guarantee as standard.


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