Milliken Obex Forma

Footfall - Heuston Station Entrance


Milliken Obex Forma combines interlocking scraping modules with a high performance textile insert. The textile in Forma™ is constructed with two types of ECONYL® 100% regenerated polyamide. This features multi filaments that instantly capture moisture as people walk on the textile and mono filaments that provide a tough scraping action against dirt particles carried in from the outside.​



Milliken Forma™ is manufactured in modules allowing any size or shape of mat-well to be fitted with the minimum of waste. Damaged sections of Milliken Forma™ can be replaced by changing only the individual tiles and not the complete unit as with other systems. Milliken Forma™ has excellent wash and light fastness properties allowing conventional carpet maintenance systems to be used for cleaning and has a 5-year guarantee.

Milliken Forma™ is extremely durable and in the various colours available is excellent at concealing and retaining dirt and moisture whilst complimenting the interior design.  Forma™ is available with a choice of 8 textile insert options.

Forma colour range







Forma 11c

Forma™ 11C

Featuring a closed construction, Forma 11C offers the ultimate in easy maintenance. 11mm in thickness, this option is ideal for installation in shallow matwells or for surface mounting directly onto the subfloor.

Specification sheet


Forma 16

Forma™ 16

Featuring an open construction for the most efficient drainage and storage of dirt and moisture, Forma 16 is suitable for situations with heavy soiling conditions where a regular deep cleaning maintenance regime is carried out.  Forma 16 is suitable for installation in recessed matwells.​

Specification sheet



Forma 16c

Forma™ 16C

Featuring a closed construction to allow easy and frequent maintenance in situations with high to extreme traffic conditions. 16mm in thickness, Forma 16 has been designed for installation in recessed matwells. ​

Specification sheet


Key Features of Milliken Forma™…

  • Primary Entrance Matting
  • PVC Modular Tile (11mm or 16mm)
  • Choice of 8 textile colours
  • Variety of Designs Options
  • Surface Mounted or in Matwell
  • Closed / Open Construction options
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Easy Installation – Safety Knife
  • Off the shelf for immediate delivery