Roofwalk Matting


Footfall’s Roofwalk Matting is a specially designed product used to provide a secure walkway for safer access and maintenance on flat roofs. In short Roofwalk Safety Matting protects your roof, while also protecting the personnel who work on it!


  • Improves EHS management – keeps work personnel safe and reduces workplace injuries.
  • Protects roofing membranes and prolongs the useful life of a flat roof.
  • Self-draining open grid design – ensuring water will pass under the mat following the roof gradient to be discharged in gully drains and finally to downpipes.
  • Dedicated high-vis yellow definition – ensuring all personnel use dedicated routing on your roof. Protecting the roof from additional wear while significantly increasing levels of safety for staff.
  • Can be installed easily on any flat roof.
  • Made using a high grade rubber composite.

Keep roof walkways safe with Footfall’s all weather Roofwalk Matting. Contact us for further information and prices.


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