Dimensions is a entrance matting optimised for dirt scraping and moisture absorption. This mat is ideal for commercial premises and medium-sized and large buildings.
Product Description

Dimensions entrance matting is optimised for dirt scraping and moisture absorption. The mat consists of a combination of coarse and soft yarns.

Dimensions is suitable for commercial premises and also medium-sized and large buildings. It works best in heavily used entrance areas, stairwells, pantries and lifts.

The mat features a bouclé construction. In this kind of composition the pile material is formed out of looped pile. Combined with the blended design this makes small patches of dirt invisible. The strong and resistant pile is made up of different yarns to allow moisture absorption and dirt scraping. Dimensions is a robust, fun and vibrant mat.

The phthalate free PVC backing of the Dimensions mat also protects the surface beneath against moisture. The combination of strong yarns and special design elements make the Dimensions one of the best entrance mats for keeping buildings free of moisture and dirt, even in heavy traffic areas. Dimensions is available with s-FLX backing.  s-FLX: the environmentally friendly alternative that is easy to install. 

This contains no PVC or plasticisers and is kinder to the environment: 30% reduction in energy consumption and 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over its lifecycle. What’s more, the mat is easier to install, as it is lighter and more flexible than one with a PVC backing. Lastly, s-FLX prevents any discolouration of the subfloor. 

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