Packexe Window and Glass Temporary Surface Protection

Packexe Window and Glass Temporary Surface Protection

Temporary protection for window and glass surfaces.
Product Description

Self Adhesive Protection for windows and glass (Internal & External).  Choose the BLUE printed film for temporary protection.

GLASS & GLAZING Protector. This film protects windows from plastering excess, paint, sanding dust and dirt, eliminating the need to scrape the glass and risk scratching it. Its waterproof adhesive grips securely to interior and exterior windows but is easily removed without leaving a sticky residue.

Packexe® Glass & Glazing is also available in a narrower width for smaller glass areas with a lightweight dispenser for smooth coverage. The film is perforated for easy detachment from the roll with a simple twist action.

This film is not effective on carpet or flooring as it will shift, creating an unsafe surface.  Select roll colour to match surface.

All film types are available in the following roll sizes with dispensers:

Film roll sizes (can be bought singly from stockists):

625mm   width x   25 metre length (15.6m²) 6 rolls per box

625mm   width x 100 metre length (62.5m²) 4 rolls per box

1250mm width x 100 metre length (125m²)  2 rolls per box

Dispensers to fit:

625mm   width rolls (box contains 10 metre length carpet film)

1250mm width rolls (box contains 50 metre length carpet film)

Additional Glass & Glazing film and dispenser:

416mm width x 75 metre length (31.2m²) 4 rolls per box

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