Article in Q4 Retail Times


We are always happy to make a contribution to Retail Times.  Our recent article highlights the importance of making a good first impression at your entrance, both from a safety and an aesthetic point of view.

  • Distracted walking is a cause of accidents. To avoid incidents, ensure your walkways are clear of dangers and well maintained.
  • A suitable entrance matting system is vital for removing and retaining moisture and silica and preventing slip, trip and fall accidents.
  • Wet footprints on your floor are often an indication that your matting meterage is insufficient. Consider how much matting you need for it to work efficiently. It is recommended that a minimum of 4 sqm is required to achieve adequate foot capture.
  • A frequent cleaning schedule is required to maintain a fresh image throughout the day; vacuum daily and schedule regular deep cleans.
  • Heavy-duty dust mats with nitrile rubber backing will serve you well compared with lighter PVC backed mats in the absence of fixed matting.  
  • Don't forget sustainability when making design choices. Where possible, choose products with a high recycled content.

Thank you to the team at Retail Excellence, Duncan Graham, Keelan Bourke, Antoinette Colleran, for providing excellent support to retail companies nationwide.

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