Introducing: Interface - Upon Common Ground


Discover Interface's Upon Common Ground Collection: Where Sustainability Meets Style.

Looking for flooring that effortlessly blends sustainability and style? Interface's Upon Common Ground collection gives you just that. This remarkable range of modular flooring combines nature-inspired beauty with eco-friendly materials. 

The Upon Common Ground Collection is centred around the exploration of Country and the deep connection First Nations Australians have to it. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Upon Common Ground features patterns and textures that reflect the captivating landscapes and organic shapes found in nature. The collection represents 5 key regions of Country namely Desert, Saltwater, Rainforest, Freshwater and Spinifex. Each palette includes warm neutrals and subtle accent colours that exude the beauty and uniqueness of each region.

Interface's commitment to sustainability shines through in this collection. The flooring is manufactured using recycled and bio-based materials, minimising environmental impact. Its modular design allows for easy installation and endless creative possibilities. 

Choose the Upon Common Ground collection and embrace a lifestyle that values both exquisite design and a greener future.

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