Mayo General Hospital - Wellness Walkway




New Wellness Walkway at Mayo University Hospital

Gradus Handrails and Combination Rails installed by Footfall

Footfall Ltd supplied and installed a range of bespoke wall protection solutions for the new wellness walkway at Mayo University Hospital. The walkway was officially launched in October 2022 by Prof. Brian Dolan. The aim of the project is to promote the health and wellbeing of patients during their recovery from illness and injury.


Footfall installed a combination of Gradus SHR40 Handrails and CHR160 Combination rails, along the entire walkway. The SHR40 handrails are designed to offer pedestrian guidance, support, and respite along the 130-meter walkway which is located on the first floor of the hospital. In addition, it protects patients from falls and safeguards their health and dignity. The CHR160 combination rail combines a handrail and a wall guard element in a single profile to provide protection for walls against impacts from wheeled traffic, whilst offering a comfortable grip handrail to give reassuring pedestrian support and guidance.


All products installed by Footfall are compliant with the Building Regulations: Technical Guidance Document M and also comply with visual contrast requirements. Both handrail profiles were installed in colour Denim 020 which offer 30-point Light Reflectance Value (LRV) difference from the walls to which they are attached to, ensuring suitable contrast for support and direction. This is in accordance with BS 8300:2009 Annex B or BS 8493:2008.

Speaking about the MUH Wellness Walkway project, Catriona Davey, clinical nurse manager and wellness walkway project team member, said: ‘’We know from research how important it is for patients to stay mobile while in hospital. We have implemented the national Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Moving campaign in the hospital and to compliment this, the new wellness walkway provides a protected space for patients to keep moving to prevent loss of muscle, strength, and fitness.’’

A study published by BMC Geriatrics, Augmented exercise in hospital improves physical performance and reduces negative post hospitalisation events: a randomised controlled trial, states that patients reportedly walk an average of 600 steps per day, which translates to only 12 minutes of walking. This is a very low statistic as hospitalised patients should walk as often as possible to prevent complications and aid their recovery. Walking can help improve circulation, prevent blood clots, and boost a patient’s mood and energy levels. It is a low-impact exercise which does not require a lot of energy. Implementing a Wellness Walkway is a great way to encourage patients to get up and get moving.

Footfall are distributors of Gradus products in Ireland. 

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