OBEX HD A new generation of entrance flooring solutions


Milliken’s new OBEX HD range (Prior HD, Tergo HD & Forma HD) aims to provide an entrance flooring solution that is functional, without forsaking design, and which can provide that first line of defence against the elements that a building needs.

While a lot of time and effort is spent deciding on the interior décor and flooring of a building, the entrance is often overlooked and neglected. First impressions are vital, and there is nothing more damaging to this first impression than a dirty and slippery floor.  Click here for Milliken ARX HD Brochure

The Need for Entrance Flooring

Up to 90% of the soil entering a facility is walked in through the front door, which can result in several kilos of dirt brought in per day (Rain can double or even treble this amount). When approximately 40% of a maintenance budget is allocated to floor cleaning, and we know that efficient matting can save up to 65% of the cleaning costs dedicated to floors, it makes sense to choose your entrance flooring solution very carefully. Milliken’s aim is to provide a complete entrance flooring solution that helps you to protect your floors and keep them safe; saving on future floorcovering replacement costs and considering aesthetics and design. A mat shouldn’t be an afterthought of building design, but a key functional and aesthetic consideration. View our OBEX HD range

A Complete 3-Zone Concept Solution

For the best protection against the outdoor elements, public spaces and commercial buildings can benefit from a three-part entryway system. Depending on the size of the area, this system ensures that there is at least 25 feet of walk-off distance, which prevents dirt and moisture from entering the building.

ZONE 1 – OUTDOORS: The area just before the building access

-requires a product with scraping action to remove grit and heavy dirt particles, as well as the draining of rain when exposed to the elements.

ZONE 2 – INDOORS: The primary area just inside the building

-requires a product with dual action for dirt scraping and moisture retention, to prevent floor contamination. This area often features a recessed mat well.

ZONE 3 – INDOORS: The secondary area inside the building – after Zone 2 – requires a textile product for moisture retention. This is also applicable to circulation areas within the building.

Milliken’s OBEX product range offers highly-effective, comprehensive, modular entrance solutions specifically designed as a three-zone barrier system to help facilities managers and building owners maintain clean and safe floors.

Zone 1 & 2:  HD – Prior, Tergo and Forma

First invented and patented by Milliken OBEX HD collection features an ultra-durable interlocking modular system made of UV resistant and recyclable PVC, combined with high performance textiles to deliver functional and aesthetically-pleasing entrance flooring solutions.

The innovative OBEX HD product line is the second generation of this unique concept based on modularity, function, design and ease of installation on site, providing a quick delivery for last minute requirements.

The OBEX HD collection consists of three products: Prior, Tergo, Forma, which are all offered in both 11 and 16mm thicknesses to meet all architectural requirements for installation in recessed mat wells or surface mounting on the floor, with open or closed construction for outdoor and indoor installations.

Prior HD is a flexible multi-purpose modular flooring product with a structure that incorporates resilient scrapers to remove particulate dirt. The grid structure of Prior is made of UV-resistant PVC that can resist temperatures between-30°C and +50°C. It incorporates resilient scrapers to remove heavy dirt particles, with a choice of open construction for drainage or closed structure for dirt storage.
Featuring the same ultra-durable interlocking grid system as Prior, Tergo HD modules include heavy-duty, solution-  dyed textile inserts made from 100% Econyl® polyamide monofilaments to provide a strong brushing action. Tergo provides a powerful first line of defence and stops dirt and dust before it enters the building.
Forma HD combines interlocking scraping modules with a textile insert constructed with two types ofEconyl®polyamide high quality fibres: multi filaments that instantly capture moisture as people walk on the product and mono filaments that provide a tough scraping action against dirt particles carried in from the outside.

These yarns are twisted and heat set into a unique textile construction providing superior performance in stopping dirt and moisture and easy dirt release during the cleaning process.

The products are extremely easy to install with simple tools, and are available with various edging options, which should be selected to suit the specific installation.

All three products are designed to be combined and work as an initial Zone 1 and Zone 2 barrier system, offering great protection for your flooring, which can be further improved with a textile modular tile such as Quadrus as a Zone 3 solution.

Zone 2 & 3: Quadrus and Foris

Designed to offer the ultimate combination of function and design, Quadrus entrance tiles provide the protection and performance expected from the OBEX system whilst at the same time meeting the styling and ergonomic expectations of a Milliken carpet collection.

Quadrus is supplied in a modular tile format with an integral cushion backing that delivers underfoot comfort, improved acoustics and durability. Featuring ECONYL® 100% regenerated polyamide yarn; Quadrus has been designed to stop dirt and moisture, while allowing easy removal during maintenance.

Quadrus is offered in three contemporary designs, Galaxy, Comet and Star, each available in a range of colour options. The designs have been created to be installed alongside Milliken’s modular carpet collections.

Totally coordinated with Quadrus, Foris is a textile product made from the same resilient yarn and available in the same patterns and colours. Available in impervious vinyl backed rolls and washable rubber-backed mats; Foris is flexible and as easy to fit as the modular products from the range, allowing you to find the perfect solution for any building or entrance.

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