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Entrance Matting Solutions

A well-planned entrance matting system is highly functional without compromising on design.  Effective entrance matting systems ensure that your building is protected from dirt and moisture.  By creating an active barrier to the ingress of sand, silica and organic material your entrance matting system safeguards your interior finished floor surfaces.  The reduction in the deposit of foot borne moisture onto smooth floor surfaces improves safety by lowering the risk of slips and falls. 

Footfall entrance matting is suitable for any location particularly areas with heavy traffic.  We work with all sectors including airports, transport stations, shopping centres, public buildings, offices, industrial buildings and hotels to provide the optimum entrance matting solution.  Our matting is versatile and can be customised to suit the needs of our clients.  Footfall is a licensed distributor for an extensive range of entrance matting systems providing a nationwide professional installation and maintenance service.  

Footfall has extensive experience in the entrance matting sector and our sales team are happy to share their advisory expertise in helping you to find the best entrance matting solution for your company. Our staff are on hand to support you throughout the development and implementation of your project and to provide support and maintenance going forward.


Footfall Provides: 

  • Fixed entrance modular matting systems
  • Matwell installations
  • Surface mounted mats with safety edging
  • Lobby matting wall to wall
  • Nationwide certified installation service
  • Scheduled mat maintenance
  • 5-year wear warranty
  • 72-hour service index
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